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Best of Energisers and Pacechangers

100 fun and quick activities for getting and keeping participants in a great learning state!

Media Type - Toolkit
Author - Sarah Cook, David Cotton, Eddie Davies, Alan Margolis

Energisers and pacechangers are essential craft tools for the trainer. Effective mastery of these tools helps distinguish between a novice and a more ‘seasoned’ operator.

Energisers revitalise jaded and weary participants, allowing them to use their minds and bodies in a different way, and thence to return to the programme refreshed and more receptive to learning.

Pacechangers may either speed up or slow down the tempo of the session. As with energisers, they allow a smooth transition between activities of different types and styles.

The 100 activities in Best of Energisers and Pacechangers are a collection of top exercises from nine Fenman resources, providing a comprehensive and valuable resource of tried and tested materials. The activities are diverse in nature and reflect the different philosophies of their authors. They have been chosen for their different types of appeal and their appropriateness across a wide range of training situations.

All the activities are very simple to run, and most require no handouts or specialist props, so they can be used anytime or anywhere – even if you hadn’t planned for one, just browse through the contents page either in the pack or on the CD-ROM. You will be excited by the choice and the ideas of when and where to use them will just start to flow.

List of Activities:

1. Mexican wave
2. Mind-reader
3. Flipchart islands
4. The blind men and the elephant
5. Spy master
6. Team identity
7. Pass it on
8. The dog, the rabbit and the carrots
9. Move your feet
10. How the robin got his red breast
11. Brainteasers
12. Water torture
13. Battleships
14. Magic trick
15. People letters
16. Relaxation
17. Exotic fruits
18. Laughter
19. Tented city
20. Emergency rescue
21. Add a letter
22. Music energiser
23. Bingo
24. Rabbits
25. The tale of the crab and the fishes
26. Tower of pegs
27. Problem solving
28. Creative quiz
29. Relaxation technique
30. Practice makes perfect
31. Pairing syllables
32. Mummy
33. Working in style
34. Team performance
35. Stress management
36. Human table football
37. Objective setting
38. On tap
39. North, south, east or west?
40. Fruit salad
41. Thirty-second sound bites
42. You’re having a laugh!
43. Hole in my bucket
44. Rope tricks
45. Stepping stones
46. Mr Smiley
47. Flipchart charades
48. One to ten in Japanese
49. Mirroring
50. Strange shapes
51. The power nap
52. Valuable words
53. Message in a bottle
54. The jug
55. Fox and geese
56. The young alchemist
57. What do we delegate to whom?
58. Circulate
59. Paper cups
60. All change!
61. Symbolic values
62. Super team!
63. Move along the coach
64. Internet research
65. Draw what I say
66. What do these numbers mean to you?
67. Work it in
68. Crickets in New York
69. Land’s End to John O’Groats
70. Consecutive squares
71. Word search
72. The metaphor game
73. Smiling
74. Cascading words
75. Number crunching
76. Star numbers
77. Square dance
78. Witches, giants, goblins
79. Word stairs
80. Three words
81. Pass the ball
82. What’s on top?
83. Origami
84. Tension reliever
85. Managing your time
86. Word teasers
87. Observation
88. Boxing match
89. Word grid
90. Odd one out
91. Apples and oranges
92. Consecutive letters
93. Lemon story
94. Connecting words
95. Triggering
96. No ‘A’
97. Batons and balls
98. The gugulunga tree
99. How many squares?
100. Creative leap

504 pages with OK to copy pages

  • Publisher - Fenman Training
    Support Material - Printed copy in ring-binder + CD-ROM • 100 Activities • 110 'OK to copy' pages
    Length - 504 pages
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  • Stand-alone CD-ROM also available: The printed activity pack is also available as a stand-alone CD-ROM which contains the entire resource as a printable PDF, allowing you to print off pages from the CD as you wish. The content is identical. It also contains PowerPoint slides taken from the original pack.