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Coaching Game, The

Media Type - Game

How it works
In The Coaching Game participants use a board to help them practise simple coaching techniques. They move around picking up cards that will help them do mini-coaching sessions with other players. This method allows them to grasp some fundamental points about the coaching process – it’s two-way, it involves ‘open’ questions, the person’s feelings must be acknowledged, encouragement and support are vital. Rather than TELLING, a good coach seeks to elicit ideas and feelings from the person being coached. The options should be developed by the person (not by the coach who may need to prompt but not take over).

What it does
It puts the person being coached at the centre of the process and allows them to identify for themselves what they think will work best for them. The activity stresses that the role of the coach is to establish rapport, help define the problem, to listen and question, to allow the person being coached to take ownership and then to agree on a final Action Plan and agenda. Finally the person coaching must set review dates for follow up. An ideal introduction or refresher for this often difficult subject.

Learning Benefits

  • Establishing Rapport
  • Questioning and Listening Skills
  • Avoidance of judgemental approach
  • Learning to ASK not TELL
  • Helping the coachees find own solution
  • Understanding the coaching process

No of Players
1 or 2 teams (of 4-6 per team)

About 1 hour

Customer feedback
"First class! An excellent 'accelerated learning' tool that we use on every training course involving coaching."
– S. Harris, Tuesday's Training

"Ideal on our coaching foundation course and I would also use if for review workshops."
– Training Manager

"Fun yet insightful - with many possibilities for adaptation."
– A. Martin, David McLean Holdings

  • Publisher - Northgate Training
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    Length - 1 hour
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