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Emotional Intelligence

Media Type - Game

Introduces an increasingly important topic that underpins good interpersonal skills and good team skills.

The Activity
In this fun, short board game participants find out exactly what emotional intelligence is and why it is important. Do they show emotional maturity in the way they handle the given situations? How do they respond to the set of key questions? How will they contribute to the discussion? Emotional intelligence (EI) is all about selfawareness, self-restraint, empathy, self-esteem and social skills. It’s all about controlling emotions rather than giving in to them. To avoid conflict at work and to ensure a positive and rewarding work environment staff need to have (and understand) what EI is all about. It is said that those who possess EI are more likely to succeed than those who can demonstrate a high IQ.

4-12 (1 or 2 teams of 4-6 per team)

Learning Objectives

  •     Provides a basic understanding of EI
  •     Identifies typical characteristics of the EI person and typical ways he or she might respond to situations
  •     Illustrates why it is crucial in work teams
  •     Highlights key areas that staff can focus on to improve their own EI
  •     Builds bonds as team members reveal how they would deal with specific situations
  •     Gives tips on how to make life at work more positive
    Trainer’s Notes 
    PowerPoint Presentation
    Handout A: How to Play
    Handout B: Group Form
    Handout C: What is Emotional Intelligence?
    Handout D: Response Form
    Set of Six Plastic Markers, Two Dice & Dice Cup
    Sets of Cards
    Group Board

  • Publisher - Northgate Training
    Length - 1 hour
  • Pricing
    Intl. Price - £ 395.00