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Managing Change

Media Type - Game
Subject(s) - Change , Leadership , Teams

It has been said that few people like change but that it's the way it's introduced that makes all the difference. Now here's your chance to find out.

How it Works:
Participants are divided into three teams. Two of the teams used to work for separate companies who have now merged. For the present they are continuing the despatch operation under the old system getting the bonuses as before but working with another team. Communication with the other team is via computer (not an ideal situation) but the teams get used to the system. However, the third team is observing progress and they have ideas about how the system could be streamlined and improved. This means CHANGE and also a few redundancies as well as overhauling the commission arrangements.

What it Does:
What this unique exercise does is confront people with having to change an existing system. Two of the teams experience this change head on with colleagues being made redundant and their comfortable way of doing things destroyed. How will they react? The third team has the challenge of introducing change. Can they find a way to soften the blow - will they even try?

Other Skills:
* Change Management
* Decision Making
* Communication

  • Publisher - Northgate Training
    Support Material - Trainer's Guide, OHPs, Team Briefing Folders Planning Sheets Pad & CD
    Length - 2 hrs * Players: 4-24
  • Pricing
    Intl. Price - £ 450.00
  • Computer Aided Exercise