Making Committees More Effective

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Media Type - DVD
Author - Peter Quarry
Subject(s) - Meetings

Is the bad reputation earned by many committees actually deserved?

Key learning points include:

• Characteristics of an effective committee

  1. Clear terms of reference and objectives
  2. Appropriate composition of committee
  3. Works within given timeline
  4. Good chair who leads group

• Induction of new committee members
• Accountability issues
• Functions of the chair
• Changes to charter need approval by 'authority giver'
• Agendas, objectives and records

Psychologist Peter Quarry interviews Damien Smith, a lawyer and Managing Director of Enterprise Care, a consulting firm that works with senior executives to improve governance and performance.

They discuss the characteristics of an effective committee, inducting new members, issues for the chair and how the team must work together.

- 10 Mistakes in Marketing
- Action Learning for Results
- Assessing and Developing Performance
- Board Roles and Responsibilites
- Boardroom Effectiveness
- Building Strategic Alliances
- Building Trust
- Business in Cyberspace
- Career Coaching Skills
- Career Self-Management
- Continuous Team Development
- Controlling Credit Card Debt
- Cooperative Workplace, The
- Corporate Eating for Health
- Corporate Social Responsibility
- Cost Reduction Strategies
- Creating and Working with Knowledge
- Creating Powerful Visions
- Creative Brainstorming for Innovation
- Cross Cultural Communication Skills
- Developing a Beginner's Mindset
- Developing Resilience
- Diversity - Making it Work
- Emotional Intelligence
- Future of Work, The
- Future Trends in Business
- Getting Fit for Business
- How To Cope In Harsh Times
- How to Manage Knowledge Workers
- Improving Environmental Performance
- Improving Governance
- Improving Team Climate
- Influencing Senior Managers
- Innovation in the Workplace
- Intranets for Business
- Leadership for Quality Service
- Leadership in a Time of Change
- Learning A La Carte Series
- Learning from 360ยบ Feedback
- Learning in the Virtual World
- Learning Organisations for the Future
- Looking into the Future
- Maintaining Continuous Motivation
- Making Committees More Effective
- Making Teams Work
- Managing Call Center Staff
- Managing Career Transitions
- Managing Change in Tough Times
- Managing Contractors
- Managing Disagreements Constructively
- Managing Generation Xers
- Managing Growth
- Managing Multiple Sites
- Managing Personal Finances
- Managing Virtual Teams
- Mentoring for Executives
- Outstanding Leadership
- Overcoming Stress
- Planning to Restructure
- Preparing Your Business Case
- Privacy Issues
- Process of Negotiation, The
- Professional Business Writing
- Redefining Mentoring
- Rethinking Marketing
- Revitalizing after Downsizing
- Risk Taking
- Rocky Road of Change, The
- Scenario Planning
- Science of Selection, The
- Selection Interviewing
- Senior Management Development
- Situational Coaching
- Strategic Planning for the Longer Term
- Success Factors for Virtual Teams
- Succession Planning
- Sustainable Business
- Talking Up Your Business
- Team Negotiations
- Turning Ideas into Reality
- Understanding Financial Information
- Understanding Knowledge Work
- What's New in Empowerment?

  • Length - 13 minutes
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