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5 Questions Every Leader Must Ask
This unique training program illustrates that leaders don't have to have all the answers…they just have to ask the right questions. Based on the best-selling book, "Leadership Made Simple",.....
DVD - INR 22,450

6 Ways to Prevent Sloppy Work
In this program, Psychologists Eve Ash and Peter Quarry, discuss why some staff deliver substandard work and offer practical solutions for managers to overcome the issue. Examples of sloppy work.....
DVD - INR 5,950

A Kick In The Attitude
Let’s face it, we can all benefit from a positive attitude. In fact, we can all use a good “Kick In The Attitude” now and then. But how do you do it? Well, Sam Glenn has the.....
DVD - INR 14,950

Accountability Toolkit
The 38 video clips contained in this Toolkit fall within 9 categories of personal responsibility and accountability. They are diverse in setting -- many take place in a generic work environment,.....
DVD - INR 18,750

After All You're the Supervisor (3rd Ed.)
Being promoted to supervisor makes many people uncomfortable. How does one effectively manage former colleagues and friends? After All You're the Supervisor depicts the nine components of supervisory.....
DVD - INR 24,950

Age of Leadership, The
The Age of Leadership is a powerful learning tool for deep change. The world is undergoing a complete and pervasive change full of disruptions and uncertainty. What are organizations turning.....
DVD - INR 35,750

In just 60 minutes you will get a clear idea of a team's communication and joint problem-solving skills. Excellent vehicle for testing team competencies and individual strengths and.....
Game - £ 395.00

Alien Encounter Exercise
The Alien Encounter Exercise is an exciting simulation that challenges employees as they develop more effective communication, decision making and team skills.  The exercise centers on a space.....
Game - US$ 149.95

All Washed Up
All Washed Up is a short program that discusses what it takes to get people to change their behavior, especially when it’s hard. Join 14 year-old Hyrum Grenny as he takes us through the.....
DVD - INR 18,950

Appraisal Game, The
That dreaded appraisal is just round the corner - but this exercise will relieve all the stress, whether you're doing the appraising or being appraised. Overcomes some myths about appraisal as well.....
Game - £ 395.00

Art of Behavioural Interviewing, The
Research shows behavioural interviewing is five times more successful in choosing the right candidate for a job, over more traditional interviewing techniques. Psychologist Peter Quarry explains.....
DVD - INR 5,950

Art of Selling, The
To ensure staff who deal with customers learn the key skills, techniques and behaviours of selling.
DVD - INR 31,500

Behavioural Interview Triggers
A wide variety of behavioural and situational interview scenarios are provided to enable viewers to critique each one and discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the interviewers'.....
DVD - INR 10,450

Behavioural Interviewing
To use the concept of 'behavioural interviewing' to predict the future performance of candidates.
DVD - INR 31,500

Beyond Words For Healthcare
Body language is a two-way relationship. Recognizing the most common body language cues can help staff to understand what a patient may be thinking, but not necessarily saying. More importantly,.....
DVD - INR 21,750

Body Language & Rapport in Interviewing
The body language and tone of interviewers have a big impact on job applicants. Find out the five best ways to build rapport and ensure you put your applicants at.....
DVD - INR 10,450

Building Strategic Alliances
More and more organisations are discovering the value in building strategic alliances with other organisations.
DVD - INR 5,950

Chanakya In You
Dr. Radhakrishnan Pillai in association with Chanakya Institute of Public Leadership (a part of University of Mumbai) bring to you a tool-kit to gain ancient knowledge, to be more proficient and to.....
Toolkit - INR 11,000

Change & Innovation through Brainstorming
A fun and highly entertaining video designed to kickoff any team meeting with a sense of energy and optimistic enthusiasm. John explores and explodes the most common myths that hamper effective.....
DVD - INR 24,950

Clarity Imperative, The
What makes a team, department or organization stand out? Typically, it's things like clarity of purpose, a strong culture and alignment around where the group is headed. This program provides a.....
DVD - INR 21,950

Coaching and Counseling : Maximizing Opportunities
This video is designed to prepare and motivate participants to pass on their knowledge and skills to create a more productive workplace. It demonstrates how coaching is one of the most effective .....
DVD - $ 995.00

Communication: The Nonverbal Agenda
This is a provocative film that examines the role that nonverbal messages play in our lives at work.
DVD - INR 21,950

Compliance is Just the Beginning
How do you make better ethical decisions at work? Just because a particular choice is legal does not make it right. Seeing legal compliance as the goal of ethics rather than the starting point can.....
DVD - INR 18,950

Conducting Successful Discipline Interviews
Many managers are confused by the difference between a discipline interview and a counselling or coaching session. Psychologist Peter Quarry explains the purpose of a discipline interview, when.....
DVD - INR 5,950

Conflict Management
This program is set in the production office of fictional current affairs program Sighted. This program provides a dramatic perspective on the place of conflict in workplace communications and.....
DVD - INR 9,950

Conflict Resolution
This course is designed to help participants become better managers of conflict so that they can build productive relationships in the workplace. Participants have an opportunity to learn and.....
DVD - $ 995.00

Controlling Credit Card Debt
With more people experiencing financial difficulty, this timely program aids financial literacy and consumer.....
DVD - INR 5,950

Corporate Social Responsibility
This video explains how to incorporate social responsibility in your organisation.
DVD - INR 5,950

Creative Brainstorming for Innovation
Organisations are becoming more interested in innovation and creativity, but how do we foster these practices?
DVD - INR 5,950

Customer Service
This program focuses on both internal and external customers and clients using a fictional current affairs show 'On this Day' and its presenter Naomi Henderson as a case study. Insufficient attention.....
DVD - INR 9,950

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