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Preparing for Long Life in the 21st Century
Leaders of organizations need to understand how cognitive processing, decision making, memory, and motivation change as they, their employees, and their customers age. Dr. Carstensen shares.....
DVD - US$ 95.00

10 Employability Attributes & Skills
With this program you will learn about the five key attributes and five core skills that make anyone more employable and more effective in their work. This program is essential viewing for job.....
DVD - INR 5,950

10 Essential Interviewing Skills
We conduct interviews for many purposes, such as recruitment, accident investigation or market research, but the basic skills are the same. This practically focussed video outlines the ten essential.....
DVD - INR 5,950

10 Essential Reception Skills
Learn the 10 top reception skills, including professional presentation, dealing with multiple demands and managing waiting visitors.   10 Essential Reception Skills: 1. Personal.....
DVD - INR 5,950

10 Essentials For Successful Induction
Ensure that new people gain the best impression of your group and their job by delivering the 10 induction essentials. 10 Essentials for Successful Induction: 1. Warm welcome Importance of first.....
DVD - INR 5,950

10 Healthy Work Habits
Being healthy has a positive influence on energy and work performance. Psychologist Peter Quarry gives 10 practical strategies for being healthy at work: Training Points 1. Exercise 2. Eating.....
DVD - INR 5,950

10 Mistakes in Marketing
It’s no surprise that a great product or service will be overlooked without effective marketing. Yet many businesses don't make the most of their marketing.....
DVD - INR 5,950

10 Point Checklist Before Delivering Training
Avoid mistakes, anticipate problems and get organised so you feel confident and your session runs smoothly.   1. Logistics Check the room and layout possibilities beforehand Early arrival.....
DVD - INR 5,950

10 Point Checklist For Briefing A Consultant
Get the most out of consultants by following a simple, yet powerful, briefing checklist! 1. Don't believe the hype Obtain names, contact details of previous clients Check references to see how.....
DVD - INR 5,950

10 Powerful Networking Skills
Discover whether you are a passive, active or proactive networker.
DVD - INR 5,950

10 Steps to Flawless Appraisal Interviews
Performance appraisals are one of the most unpopular managerial tasks. Psychologist Peter Quarry gives ten practical tips on how to conduct an appraisal interview to achieve positive and useful.....
DVD - INR 5,950

10 Vital Rule's For Giving Incredible Speeches …
Using his 1990 Golden Gavel acceptance speech. Tom Peters addresses the audience in this video about speech making. Alternately tongue-in-check and serious, this informative and entertaining.....
DVD - INR 9,950

3 R's of Sustainability
The 3 R's of Sustainability is a multi-media course that takes you from background information to real world.....
DVD - INR 14,950

30 Ways to Make More Time
To show employees when and where time management is a priority at work, and how to manage their time more effectively.
DVD - INR 28,750

30 Ways to Make More Time - CDROM
To show employees when and where time management is a priority at work, and how to manage their time more effectively.
Interactive CD-ROM - INR 13,250

360º Feedback
Find out how the emerging technology of multi-source assessment and feedback (360º feedback) can benefit your organization. This handbook presents concrete methods for creating, adapting, and.....
Book - US$ 29.95

360º Feedback
Successful companies know that seeking feedback is essential for high morale and high performance. This practical video explains how 360º feedback works and how you can improve with feedback.....
DVD - INR 5,950

5 Communication Secrets, The - Business Ed.
Renowned communication coach teaches viewers how they can use the techniques of Obama’s speaking power. The DVD uses video examples of President Barack Obama’s most memorable speeches to.....
DVD - INR 16,950

5 Questions Every Leader Must Ask
This unique training program illustrates that leaders don't have to have all the answers…they just have to ask the right questions. Based on the best-selling book, "Leadership Made Simple",.....
DVD - INR 29,950

5 Steps To High Self Esteem
Many people do not feel sufficiently competent at dealing with some of the challenges they face in life - either at work or away from it. Don't be caught in a self-fulfilling prophecy. Here are five.....
DVD - INR 5,950

5 Values of Great Customer Service, The
This program presents a values-based approach to serving diverse populations. Employees work on the communication skills needed to meet or exceed the service expectations of their diverse customers......
DVD - INR 21,950

50 Ways to Keep Your Customers
We have said it before and we will say it again: like it or not, customer service is the competitive battleground of the new millennium. Buying decisions in many cases will be made not only on the.....
DVD - INR 8,950

6 Principles to Negotiate Anything
"It takes COURAGE to negotiate." According to author and professional negotiator, Ed Brodow, "Most people would rather go to the dentist than negotiate a deal." Starting from a place of.....
DVD - INR 23,950

6 Ways To Build Rapport
This program will help people build rapport and sustain it.
DVD - INR 5,950

6 Ways to Prevent Sloppy Work
In this program, Psychologists Eve Ash and Peter Quarry, discuss why some staff deliver substandard work and offer practical solutions for managers to overcome the issue. Examples of sloppy work.....
DVD - INR 5,950

6 Ways To Resolve Conflict
Learn 6 practical techniques to resolve conflict in the workplace and achieve effective results. 1. Look inwards Identify your own personality style in a conflict situation Ostrich - sweeps.....
DVD - INR 5,950

7 Key Sales Skills
This is a basic program to help anyone in sales gain knowledge on how to get the sale.
DVD - INR 5,950

7 Steps To Improving Communication
Learn a simple, effective 7 step blueprint that can immediately improve communication skills.   1. Identify a checklist of skills Identify the skills you need Core communication skills:.....
DVD - INR 5,950

9 Essentials for Exit Interviews
Exit interviews provide an excellent opportunity to uncover staff satisfaction problems and implement positive changes for remaining and future employees. It is critical to understand why an.....
DVD - INR 5,950

A Kick In The Attitude
Let’s face it, we can all benefit from a positive attitude. In fact, we can all use a good “Kick In The Attitude” now and then. But how do you do it? Well, Sam Glenn has the.....
DVD - INR 14,950

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