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10 Essential Interviewing Skills
We conduct interviews for many purposes, such as recruitment, accident investigation or market research, but the basic skills are the same. This practically focussed video outlines the ten essential.....
DVD - INR 7,750

6 Essential Steps to Getting That New Job
Thinking of changing your job? Or have you been applying for positions but not having any success? Then, this program is for you! Training Points 1. Write Outstanding Covering Letters.....
DVD - INR 7,750

Appraisal Interview, The
To ensure that appraiser and appraisee take equal responsibility for getting the most out of their meeting.
DVD - INR 39,750

Art of Behavioural Interviewing, The
Research shows behavioural interviewing is five times more successful in choosing the right candidate for a job, over more traditional interviewing techniques. Psychologist Peter Quarry explains.....
DVD - INR 7,750

Behavioural Interview Triggers
A wide variety of behavioural and situational interview scenarios are provided to enable viewers to critique each one and discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the interviewers'.....
DVD - INR 8,750

Behavioural Interviewing
To use the concept of 'behavioural interviewing' to predict the future performance of candidates.
DVD - INR 39,750

Body Language & Rapport in Interviewing
The body language and tone of interviewers have a big impact on job applicants. Find out the five best ways to build rapport and ensure you put your applicants at.....
DVD - INR 8,750

Can You Spare A Moment? - CD ROM
Learn how to deal with staff whose personal problems are affecting their work.
Interactive CD-ROM - INR 15,250

Common Mistakes People Make in Interviews
Before you even walk through the front door of a company for an interview, you better know a few things: what the business is all about; how to stay cool under pressure; and what your thoughts are.....
DVD - INR 7,750

Discipline Interviewing
Disciplining poor performers should be done fairly and with adequate preparation and documentation. Learn the six key elements to ensure a constructive outcome and avoid legal or industrial.....
DVD - INR 13,750

Do I Know You?
From creating the right job description to properly conducting interviews and making successful hiring decisions, this programme offers useful insights and practical.....
DVD - INR 21,750

Effective Performance Appraisals
Leading a performance appraisal can be difficult and depressing, or dynamic and positive. Your attitude, planning and approach will make the difference. Key points:* Establish a conducive and.....
DVD - INR 9,950

Empowering Appraisals
To teach the skills required to start, run, or improve a company appraisal system.
DVD - INR 26,750

Get The Whole Picture
Discover an interviewing approach that will help your organization prevent high turnover, eliminate unnecessary training and avoid damaging lawsuits. Dr. Paul Green, industrial psychologist and.....
DVD - INR 28,750

Going For A Job Interview
Find out the answers to difficult questions, and learn simple, effective strategies for making a strong impression that will help you stand out from the.....
DVD - INR 7,750

Good Question
Demonstrate the importance of skilful questioning not just in interviews, but in everyday team working & problem solving situations.....
DVD - INR 24,750

High Performance Hiring
The key to high performance is hiring the right people. This fast-paced program illustrates interviewing techniques, plus outlines all the major steps in a successful hiring effort. Lively interviews.....
DVD - INR 9,950

Hire for Attitude
Why focus on attitude? Quite simply, skills can be taught. Attitude cannot. You've probably had the experience of hiring someone who you thought was perfect for the job—only to find out later.....
DVD - INR 25,750

Interviewing (Management Skills)
An interviewer must learn to prepare focused, job-based interview questions, let go of personal biases, be mindful of the legalities, and establish rapport, all the while objectively evaluating a.....
DVD - INR 12,750

Interviewing (People Skills)
Learn the communication and questioning skills that will get you the high quality information you require in any interview or.....
DVD - INR 13,750

Interviewing and Termination Do's and Don'ts - Manager Moments Series
Managers need to hire the best, and sometimes fire the rest -- and do it properly and legally. These 6 bite-sized programs teach and develop.....
DVD - INR 34,750

Interviewing Panels
Learn more about interview panels and how to prepare for an interview so each panelist is ready to perform well.
DVD - INR 8,750

Interviewing Skills
Interviewing prospective employees requires a thorough knowledge of the law - the Equal Employment Opportunity Act. Program covers "10 Taboo Topics" that must be avoided to ensure compliance;.....
DVD - INR 9,950

It's Your Choice
To provide managers with all the necessary skills to conduct an effective recruitment interview.
DVD - INR 39,750

It's Your Choice - CDROM
To provide managers with all the necessary skills to conduct an effective recruitment interview.
Interactive CD-ROM - INR 15,250

Leading Positive Change
Leading Positive Change is the perfect tool for leaders! Recognizing employees is the most important way to get them to enjoy their job. Praise is essential, but it is often misused. Shawn.....
DVD - INR 11,750

Management Excuses
How can you plan your time when you're subject to constant interruptions?Where's the direct return on training expenditure?Nobody tells me anything. Sound familiar? As consultants, you have to assess.....
Game - £ 195.00

Manager's Pocket Guide to Recruiting the Workforce
Companies in every industry are now scrambling to recruit the best young talent. This practical book reveals the keys to attracting and keeping the best young employees, and presents detailed.....
Book - US$ 14.95

More Than A Gut Feeling IV
More Than a Gut Feeling IV contains a wealth of valuable job-related interviewing techniques that will you build your best team while saving time and.....
DVD - INR 37,750

Office Manager Interview
Simon interviews Ben for the role of Office Manager, and uses a range of traditional, situational and behavioural questions to assess his suitability......
DVD - INR 8,750

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